Project Appointment

Project Appointment Update

Project (L) Appointments are non-career appointments that provide capacity and functions for specific programmes/projects for a specified period of time, i.e. they will not subsist beyond the lifetime of the programmes/projects that finance such appointments.
Individuals holding a project appointment have the status of staff member of UNIDO.
Project appointments may be utilized for professional or general support functions.
Irrespective of the length of project appointment and the category, staff under project appointments carry no expectancy of conversion, extension, or renewal of the contract.

What education and work experience do you need for Project Appointments?

Education and work experience requirements for project appointments follow UNIDO recruitment standards as per the required category, i.e. International Professionals, National Professional Officers and General Service (links embedded).

What we are looking for in a candidate for Project Appointment?

We are looking for highly skilled and motivated candidates with the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity whilst paying due regard to a wide geographical and gender diversity. We seek talent that is committed to our mission and values. Our three core values are timeless and universal principles that apply to all of us in the UN family: i) We live and act with Integrity, ii) We show Professionalism and iii) We respect diversity.


The benefits offered follow our standard benefits package, as per the category of project appointment, which is outlined on the respective job posting.
Please see the UNIDO brochurefor further information. (If we would have a separate brochure for P, NPO and GS, we should adjust and put all links)update