National Professional Officers

Nationally recruited professional staff are nationals of the country where they are stationed and fulfil functions in the national context.

What education and work experience do you need for national officer positions?

An advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent) is UNIDO’s standard educational requirement for National Officer positions and we apply the following standard recruitment requirements for these positions:

Grade Work experience requirement
NO-A minimum of 1 year
NO-B minimum of 3 years
NO-C minimum of 5 years
NO-D minimum of 7 years

What we are looking for in a candidate for national officer positions?

We are looking for highly skilled and motivated candidates with the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity paying due regard to wide geographical and gender diversity. We seek talent that is committed to our mission and values and bring a high level of expertise at the national level of the country.


National Officers are entitled to allowances and benefits, such as:

  • competitive salary
  • allowances and benefits depending on your family status
  • retirement savings plan, including employer contribution
  • comprehensive insurance coverage
  • holidays and leaves