General Services

The General Service category contributes to the execution of the programmes of the organization through work that is procedural, operational, technical, or para-professional in nature. The functions of General Service support are central to efficient service delivery within the Organization. The work ranges from routine or repetitive work to functions that are varied and complex in nature. Routine work is undertaken in line with detailed instructions while complex work requires identification and consideration of alternative courses of action based on extensive and in-depth practical knowledge of a specific subject area.

What education and work experience do you need for General Service positions?

Completion of higher secondary education with high school diploma or equivalent is our standard educational requirement for all General Service level positions and we apply the following standard recruitment requirements for these positions:

Grade Work experience requirement
G1 no previous experience required
G2 minimum of 1 year
G3 minimum of 3 years
G4 minimum of 6 years
G5 minimum of 8 years
G6 minimum of 10 years

Please refer to “Minimum Requirements” outlined in each individual vacancy announcement for further details and the specific qualifications required for each position.

What we are looking for in a candidate for General Service positions?

We are looking for highly motivated staff capable of achieving results in administrative, operational, procedural and technical capacities. We seek talent who can handle routine to complex tasks with dedication, and who are committed to our mission and values. Our three core values are timeless and universal principles that apply to all of us in the UN family:

  • i) We live and act with Integrity.
  • ii) We show Professionalism.
  • We respect diversity.

We also want someone who is an excellent team player and who can think outside the box and innovate.


General Service staff are entitled to allowances and benefits, such as:

  • (a) competitive salary
  • (b) retirement savings plan, including employer contributions
  • (c) comprehensive insurance coverage
  • (d) holidays and leaves