Consultancy Opportunities

Consultancy Opportunities

UNIDO employs many consultants and other support personnel under Individual Service Agreement (ISA) contracts to help UNIDO to meet its Organizational mandate, namely in the area of technical cooperation programmes and projects.
ISA holders are considered non-staff members of UNIDO who have a legal status as individual contractors to the Organization.
There are three main categories of ISA holders: International Consultants, National Consultants and Local Support Personnel.

Fields in which UNIDO hires ISA holders:

  • Agribusiness and Rural Development
  • Communication and advocacy
  • Energy and Environment
  • Evaluation and Oversight
  • Gender and Youth
  • Governance
  • Industrial Processes and Operations
  • Information Technology and Telecommunication
  • Legal Affairs
  • Operations Support
  • Policy for Industrial Development
  • Private Sector and Business Development
  • Quality Assurance and Conformity
  • Statistics and Research
  • Trainings

What education and work experience do you need for International or National Consultant positions?

An advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent) is our standard educational requirement for these positions.
In certain specialized technical areas of expertise, a first level university degree or an advanced technical college diploma may be acceptable provided it is combined with a substantial number of years of relevant professional experience.

What education and work experience do you need for Local Support Personnel positions?

Completion of higher secondary education with high school diploma or equivalent is our standard educational requirement for Local Support Personnel positions
Please refer to “Minimum Requirements” outlined in each individual vacancy announcement for further details and the specific qualifications required for each position.

What we are looking for in a candidate?

We are looking for highly skilled and motivated candidates with the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity. We seek talent who can handle tasks with dedication and who are committed to our mission and values. Our three core values are timeless and universal principles that apply to all of us in the UN family: i) We live and act with Integrity, ii) We show Professionalism and iii) We respect diversity.


  • Fee depending on complexity of the assignment;
  • Travel allowances, if applicable.